"To Enrich the Educational Experience for Students of the Torrance USD"

Should I give to both the Education Foundation and the PTA at my school?
YES! We’re all in this together. Both PTA and TEF are critical funding sources for local schools. PTAs will continue to raise funds for “stuff” such as supplies, books and equipment at school sites, while TEF’s efforts target the much greater costs associated with “staff,” including staff for programs and professional development at all our schools.

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Why You Should Donate

When education and philanthropy meet, stronger citizens and communities will thrive.

As we look to the future and realize less funding for programs in schools and increased operations costs the Ed Foundation hopes to raise additional funding to provide students with the tools and knowledge to build new ideas and excitement for learning. Every charitable gift is important.  Whether you donate money, time or other gifting opportunities, it will play a vital role in shaping the students and community of Torrance. Click here for our current list of donations.

Who We Are

Torrance Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides resources that enrich the educational experience for the children of the Torrance Unified School District (TUSD).  Annually, TEF raises money that directly go back to the schools to fund educational programs.  Donate today.

How You Can Help

Your contributions matter! You can help provide a bright future for students of TUSD by donating online or participating in one of our events!  Also help us spread the news by liking us on Facebook!

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